What People Say About Us!

"Had my first shave today, came out very well. I took the razor out of the box and didn't even wanna touch it it looked so good. Everything came out perfect right down to the wedge. Thanks again!"

- William M. , Salem MA USA

"The postman came to my door and he handed me a parcel from the US. My heart skipped a beat and I raced inside and opened it and there it was this lovely, sizeable straight razor. I had a close visual inspection and saw a well cut bevel, lovely defined shining edge from toe to heel. As careful as one can get I rested a finger on the edge, toe, middle and heel.

It looked great, felt super sharp, shaved even better. I can truly say it is the best edge I've ever received out of the box. I'm usually sceptical about shave ready razors, but this 7/8 is great. Simple as that. I'm even more pleased that I ordered the 2nd razor straight away because mate, your razors are the real deal. It is a steal for what really is a custom razor. There is nothing I've seen on the market that is close to the Uno, it's lovely tang and monkey tail separate it from mass produced razors. Many are happy to pay double for other razors and doesn't come close to your edge. Whoever hones your razors is top of the line, I looked at it under magnification, it looks clean and well defined.

I just had a feeling buying two was a good move, it ticks all the boxes from Web-site to photography and from our email chats it was also clear you knew your stuff. 

Anyway Mike, I love the razor, great manufacturing, well presented, and certainly shave ready."

- Bob I. , New South Wales Australia

" The razors arrived yesterday and I wanted to say thanks again.  I tried the Uno and the Wade & Butcher and I have two new favorites.  You told me last year I would like the bigger blade on the Uno and boy were you right.  They both shave so much smoother than any of the smaller ones.  I'll keep the small ones in the rotation, but have a feeling I'll gravitate to those two."

- Kirk L. , South Carolina USA

" Wow! What a nice razor I received today! Super keen edge, smooth as butter. I haven’t had such a nice shave in awhile. Thanks."

- Jerry U. , NewYork USA

" My [Uno] razor arrived and I wanted to let you know that I Love it! It is a real treasure. It's very solid and well made and it cleaned a three day growth off smoothly, and with no effort! I think you're off to a great start with your product! I'm gonna take it to my barber tomorrow and show it to him. He is  very interested in seeing it. Thanks again for a Great razor and Excellent customer service!"

- Dave H., Illinois USA

" I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the work you did on my razor, but even more importantly, the time you were willing to spend with me to explain some stuff. I found your knowledge very helpful in my new endeavor of straight razor shaving...just this evening, I did my 4th time shaving. I have fallen in love with shaving with a straight razor. It seems like each time I do it, I get a closer shave than the last time and also getting less nicks with each shave.

Again, thank you very much! you have a customer for a very long time! Keep up the great work!"

- Michael, USA

" I bought an Uno months ago, but finally just got around to actually shaving with it. What a great shave! Perfect shaving razor, comfortable, smooth and easy to use. I wouldn't change anything on the design, think you nailed it. "

- MKladias, USA

" I received my Uno razor the other day, and shaved for the first time with it today. First, let me say what an exceptional piece it is! A very fine razor with a terrific edge! I could not be more satisfied, especially at the price paid. The razor arrived absolutely shave ready. "

- LForslund, Isleta NM USA

" I got the razor back today. You did a magnificent job with the scales. The razor looks simply extremely gorgeous. I can't thank you enough. This was more then what I expected. Thanks a great deal!!! "

- KHolmes, Albany GA USA

"In my second order, I asked Restored Razor to restore a Wade and Butcher razor and in a short time the razor was worked and returned. With a mirror finish and bone scales the result was better than I imagined . Beautiful look on the razor and the scales look excellent ; love the wedge too. Terrific work. Thank you."

- JHenry, Melbourne Australia

"Thank you so very much for taking such good care of my great-grandfather's razor. You really went above and beyond the 'call of duty' and I am deeply obliged. My great-grandfather died shortly before I was born so this razor is the only real physical connection I have with him. I am sure he would get a kick of out knowing that his great-grandson now shaves with his razor in a time and age when most men use cartridge razors. Please accept my humble gratitude."

- KHenkener, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

"I had an old razor that I used for years that was my grandfathers, the scales finally broke, and I thought it would just spend time in my drawer. Then I found these guys, They took my blade, polished it up like new, honed it perfectly and made a set of scales that makes it' almost too pretty to shave with.... But I will shave with it.. Thanks so much. "

- RWolinski, Hoffman Estates, Illinois USA

"Just took possession of a Dubl Duck #1 from this shop recently. The finish of the razor was finer than appeared in the images on the site; beautiful restoration. A lovely razor and the shaves are comfortable and close, I think owing to the honing done prior to delivery.

Delivery was express and arrived promptly; Illinois to Melbourne Australia less than a week. Thanks to Mike and his crew for this service."

- JHenry, Melbourne Australia

" I have to say, I was hesitant to buy a vintage razor for my husband's birthday gift. The offerings on [some auction sites] were downright scary. I'm so glad I found your website!  The razor is beautiful and in fantastic condition. My husband couldn't have been happier! I look forward to buying his next razor from you. Thanks! "

- DRoss, Reisterstown MD USA

"The moment I saw the Faux-framed Frederick Reynolds on Mike's site I was in love. I knew she would sing in my hands. Frame-back razor and I were no strangers, but I had no experience with the faux-frame back. Over the phone Mike explained the difference between the two blade styles, and that some of these frame back razors were designed specifically that way. Yet I already had made up my mind about the razor. A few minutes later I ordered it. This morning, Sunday, I shaved with it, using a 24 mm. Thater silver tip and Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet shave cream. My shave was exquisite, with the  blade hugging my face like a mistress's seductive hands. First, we start with a beautifully designed razor: I love the strong hunched back on the upper shank and the way it swoops down into a smiling arc across the faux-framed spine. The barber's notch plays over the point and then streaks across the blade's curved cutting edge like a light saber dressed in silk. Finally, the dark cream and light brown bone scales frame the razor in a magnificent work of art that gives a splendid shave. Well done, Mike, you and Mr. Frederick Reynolds together. Thank you both for this stunning razor. Also, my good friend, thank you for the well-tuned service."

- OYadgar, Glendale WI USA

"I recently purchased three restored vintage razors from The Restored Razor. I was surprised by how nicely they were restored, as good as or better than anything I've seen. The service and communication were top-notch, Mike was great to work with, the razors were received quickly and packaged perfectly. I would be happy to purchase from the site again and would do so without hesitation. My expectations were high, and they were exceeded!"

- Anonymous Buyer, Culpeper VA USA

"I got the razor today. Thank You very much.  To say that it is a stunning restoration would be an understatement. It is absolutely fantastic and I love it.  It has been a pleasure to deal with You and will be coming back for more.  Kind Regards."

- APaterson, Blackbutt Australia

"I got the W&B without any hitches (Aus Post are terrible) and just wanted to say thanks for the balsa strop. Oh, and the workmanship on the razor is fantastic - I have shaved with it a few times now and am really happy with it."

- MPusic, Taren Point Australia

"The parcel arrived exactly on December 24th (great Christmas gift to myself!). Great site and awesome service, what more can you ask? I will be coming back.."

- PLiberati, Rome Italy

"The razor came,  it has arrived safe and sound. :) Its even more beautiful in person like I new it would be. I will be posting pics soon in the B&B forum. Thanks again , Im so glad I went with this razor as my first vintage. There will be more In my future for sure."

- JAptaker, New York NY USA

"Merry Christmas to you and yours Mike!  This is above and beyond. You of course will have a customer and enthusiast for life. I am intriques by the lapping film. My usual refresh is just CrOx on balsa or if I know the blade needs more of a touch up then some diamond spray on srd felt. I am looking forward to it."

- BBlum, Merced CA USA