Welcome to the Restored Razor

The Restored Razor is dedicated to providing high quality straight razors for all levels of experience. We specialize in creating new stock from vintage inventory through a detailed restoration process. Our passion for straight razor shaving shines through every completed restoration.

We try to stock straight razors from common to collectable. You may find a classic Or you may find something interesting. With the nature of restoring vintage straight razors, our stock is always changing. If you don't see something you like today it may be here tomorrow.

Pink Razzle Dazzle ... The Untold Story.

Pink Razzle DazzleThe story goes: It was a dark and misty morning when this razor came to us, an orphan with no name and broken scales wrapped in newspaper. The steel was gray with strong temper, flat sheen and the words "Extra Hollow Ground" etched on the blade. I picked it up, bringing it in out of the weather. While unwrapping it, I wondered who could have made such an interesting razor and not put their name on it. It was then I decided she should be cleaned up and dressed in new clothes. After polishing, it was time to dress her up. It had to be something bright and interesting. From under the mess on my workbench, a spark of pink could be seen. I pulled from the mess a sheet of pink razzle dazzle. Yes, this was it!  It all came together in a flash - the fluid texture of the scales,  paired with a black wedge and silver tone liners with silver pins holding her together. She was now complete in all her glory.

That's the story. It may have been embellished here and there but that is about how it went.